Zirmunu St. 139, LT-09120 Vilnius, Lithuania
Phone: (+370) 5 2363526
Indeco: Investment and Development is a private limited liability investment company, investing into certain industrial companies and participating in their management.

The company has established solid working principles and strictly adheres to them: faithfully and without any reservation fulfils its obligations towards the employees, partners and shareholders, and executes socially responsible activities. Due to the above we have distinguished a few common and inclusive objectives in all activity spheres:
  • Implementation of necessary and effective solutions
  • Elaboration of present business solutions and adoption of the new ones
  • Accomplishing of optimum investment decisions
  • Working with socially responsible principles only
At present the Indeco Group activities covers the following three industries:
  • Commercial and economic real estate
  • Electronic engineering
  • Aviation and its industry
The number of employees in the companies managed by Indeco makes more than 1400 and the common income of such companies exceeds 300 million euros in 2012.